Skate Sharpening

Scotia Cycle offers a year-round convenient Skate Sharpening Service.

We pride ourselves on delivering a professional, repeatable and consistent grind that you can trust. 

With options for one-time service or buy a multi-pass for the whole family. Let us take care of your skates so you can concentrate on enjoying the glide.


How often should you sharpen your skates?

It's a good idea to sharpen your skates regularly to keep them in good condition and ensure that you have the best possible performance on the ice. However, the exact frequency with which you should sharpen your skates will depend on a few different factors, including how often you use them and the type of ice you're skating on. As a general rule of thumb, it's a good idea to sharpen your skates every 10 to 15 hours of ice time. If you notice that your skates are starting to feel dull or aren't performing as well as they used to, it's probably time to sharpen them. It's also a good idea to sharpen your skates before the start of a new season to ensure that they're in good condition from the start.